Megan B.

AGE 17, HEIGHT 5"4', Oakville

Megan B., Ontario

Megan B.'s goals...

Megans goal is to educate teens on how external factors such as bullying and self confidence can affect mental health. Megan believes it is important that teens no longer hesitate in speaking up about their suffering from mental illnesses. She finds gravity in reducing these factors and removing the stigmas attached to it.

Megan B.'s bio...

Megan is a bilingual honour student, a blackbelt in Taekwondo, and a dignified artist. She excels in playing guitar, trumpet and piano. Megan has an appreciation for 60’s, 70’s and Country music. She engages with many fundraisers and puts opportunities to serve the community on a pedestal. Her dream job is to become an RCMP or CSI as she has interest in law and helping restore society’s composure. Megan takes pride in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. She believes a healthy body is a component of a healthy mind.