Hanna B.

AGE 17, HEIGHT 5"8', Vaughn

Hanna B., Ontario

Hanna B.'s goals...

Hanna's goal is to inspire young women across Canada to be themselves and to accept that beauty has no boundaries. She hopes to be able to bring arts programs to children everywhere for her platform and provide them with the joy that is self expression.

Hanna B.'s bio...

Hanna is an adventurous and vibrant young woman. She has an energetic personality that really shines through in all aspects of her life, whether it be on stage preforming in her dance competitions, teaching younger students at her dance studio, or meeting new people. Her love for the arts is what has influenced her to become the passionate person she is today. The various achievements she has earned in school, and through dance, only fuel her to work even more and experience the most that she can, living life to the fullest.