Megan L

AGE 15, HEIGHT 5"7', Maniwaki

Megan L, Quebec

Megan L's goals...

During her participation in the pageant, Megan would like to inspire other young people to have confidence in themselves. She would also like to have more ease to go to others and especially she would like to improve her English.

Megan L's bio...

Megan is a young studious and meticulous girl; her perseverance in school allows her to obtain excellent grades. Her main passion is dancing, she practices every night. Her dance studio has a competitive team which she takes part in. When she is not practicing her own dance moves she is teaching the young dancers. However, Megan strong points are her qualities and good values. She is a young empathetic girl who is always ready to help her peers. She is somewhat shy but her sense of humor, positivism, lovely smile and her joyfulness balances it all out. When Megan laughs with her friends, her giggles are contagious!