Tia-Lynne M

AGE 15, HEIGHT 5"4', Tecumseh

Tia-Lynne M, Ontario

Tia-Lynne M's goals...

Tia's goal is to empower teens to believe in themselves. She wants to inspire young teens to love themselves first so they can love others later. Tia hopes to show teens that even if they come from a rough start, they can always build a better future. She also wants to raise awareness on the need for foster and adoptive homes so kids can get a second chance at life, as she did.

Tia-Lynne M's bio...

Tia-Lynne is a caring, thoughtful, generous and optimistic  young girl who dreams of becoming a Child Psychologist, as she loves to listen to and help others. She is an active volunteer in her community with the Tecumseh Community Policing Committee working on educating teens on issues that pertain to them. She also volunteers at her local church and school. As Tia loves children she is an avid babysitter who is well liked. She also loves pets and is a busy pet sitter. In her free time, she enjoys photography, listening to music and dancing. Tia keeps herself active and healthy by participating in different sports.