Arièle L

AGE 15, HEIGHT 5"7', Winnipeg

Arièle L, Manitoba

Arièle L's goals...

Arièle hopes that her new title will enable her to mentor and inspire youths in reaching new goals, achieving their dreams whether they be in academics, athleticism, or personal development. She truly believes that everyone, if they reach deep enough have within themselves the ability to overcome any obstacles or hurdles life presents them. The number one goal is to "believe in yourself".

Arièle L's bio...

Ariele is embodiment of beauty and strength, a strong French/IB student due to graduate in 2020 with 3 achievement certificates. Her passion for the arts transpires into the various hair and make-up styles she creates. An aspiring model on contract, she's active in the field seeking exposure for runway/photo work. An avid athlete, she spent 7 years in competitive gymnastics to which she owes her  fitness & strength. After coaching younger athletes, she transitioned to cheer, and is committed to using her title to inspire youths to follow their dreams, as she is doing.