Amelia K

AGE 18, HEIGHT 5"2', Vancouver

Amelia K, British Columbia

Amelia K's goals...

Amelia has 3 Main Goals: To end Homelessness as we know it - through bridging sponsors, employment, and health care. To create an "East Meets West" female youth exchange program between Canada and the UAE, to dispel false belief systems, and instead foster better understanding and relationships with one another. "Change begins with the Youth!"and to participate and enjoy fully, in the MTCW Pageant! And to show by example, that nothing can stop you from achieving your dreams!

Amelia K's bio...

Amelia is an accomplished Actress and Metis Youth Advocate. She's travelled extensively and has met with Gov't Leaders, Teachers, and Students in Dubai and the Middle East. The Alberta Gov't awarded Amelia for her volunteer work in creating a school breakfast program in Edmonton AB; and she is an athlete, runner, figure skater, & children's skating coach. Mia was diagnosed with a hereditary Learning Disability, but despite her challenges (and through sheer determination) Amelia will be attending University in the fall with a scholarship!