Diana P.

AGE 17, HEIGHT 5"2', Winnipeg

Diana  P., Manitoba

Diana P.'s goals...

Diana wants to raise awareness for less fortunate children. No child should go though their life without propriety, clothing, toys and most importantly love. She wants to be the person that will reach out and offer those things to the children and help them to feel that they are loved and needed on this planet.

Diana P.'s bio...

Diana is a kind and honest person who likes to help people who may be going hard times. Most of her time she spends at work and in school trying to do learn business that will help her in the future to open her own business that will allow her to donate money for less fortunate people who have cancer and can't afford surgery. School and work take a lot of her time but she never forgets about family and trying to spend time with them as well. Diana is an athlete, she plays badminton and soccer and is trying to learn other languages with hope to travel and help other less fortunate children all over our planet.