Zoe M.

AGE 16, HEIGHT 5"2', Truro

Zoe M., Nova Scotia

Zoe M.'s goals...

Zoe's mission is to empower youth by helping them find, nurture, and develop their passions in life. It is important for young adults and teens to do what they love as a career, so their contributions can serve society in the best ways possible. She would like to start a peer mentoring organization so the youth in her community can have positive role models to look up to.

Zoe M.'s bio...

Zoe is an actor, classical singer, and ballet dancer. Despite living in a small town, she has big dreams for herself and for her country! Zoe enjoys making music videos to raise awareness on the opportunities and challenges of today's society, and one her videos won her a trip to Montreal for a week for a Canada 150&Me youth forum. She currently volunteers at her local vet clinic, and reads to the special needs students during her lunch breaks. Zoe's other interests include writing, meditating, hiking, and traveling, and she is very excited to represent her province as Miss Teenage Nova Scotia!