Tina Y.

AGE 14, HEIGHT 5"5', Surrey

Tina  Y., British Columbia

Tina Y.'s goals...

Tina's main goal is to become a helpful leader in her community and to positively influence as many people as possible. She would also like to make the world a peaceful and fair place by becoming a human rights activist in the future.

Tina Y.'s bio...

Tina is a passionate young woman who actively takes initiative in her community. She thoroughly enjoys hosting cultural festivals in her school for the Multicultural Club and regularly helping out as a volunteer. As a competitive debater, a level 6 pianist, and a dedicated gymnast who has excelled in several provincial and national level championships, Tina is confident on stage. She has mastered the language of English within only four years of immigrating to Canada. Tina’s strong leadership skills is what makes her stand out, for she is clear about her purpose, which is to make a profound and positive impact on others.