Grace L.

AGE 17, HEIGHT 5"8', Lethbridge

Grace L., Alberta

Grace L.'s goals...

Grace wants to bring awareness to Mental Health for those suffering from anxiety and depression. Promoting the benefits of physical activity and healthy lifestyle choices to improve coping skills. Empowering girls to accept themselves by mentoring in her community and being involved with organizations such as the YWCA and the Hospital.

Grace L.'s bio...

Grace is enthusiastic, fun-loving and highly motivated. Actively involved in school clubs, singing in the choir, volunteering at community events and attending leadership conferences. She will be attending the University of Lethbridge to obtain a Bachelor of Management, graduating a year early. Grace has a passion for physical activity and enjoys a variety of dance styles. She has an adventurous spirit and loves to travel. Grace values life and the importance of being in the moment, enjoying everyday to the fullest!