Miana L.

AGE 17, HEIGHT 5"5', London

Miana L., Ontario

Miana L.'s goals...

Miana's goal is to inspire young women and men to become self aware and confident in order to strive and achieve their goals. In addition, she aspires that this will help individuals build a strong foundation that can help prevent issues such as bullying, self-harm and body shaming by addressing these subject areas from the root of the cause.

Miana L.'s bio...

Miana is a fearless young woman who works towards achieving every goal she sets out. Her love for the spotlight is evident, as she became a child actress at the age of 3. Miana has a unique ethnic composition of Chinese, British, Hungarian and French, in addition to being bilingual in French and English. Miana distributes a perfect balance between her academic studies, competitive volleyball, volunteering, work and of course keeping friends and family close to her heart. Miana is always eager to welcome new endeavors and will continue to strive to achieve the title of Miss Teenage Canada 2017.