Emily Lau

AGE 17, HEIGHT 5"7', Toronto

Emily Lau, Ontario

Emily Lau's goals...

To enjoy what life has to offer and be proud of what I've accomplished.

Emily Lau's bio...

Emily will be completing her final year of high school later this year. She is a very confident and outgoing person and passionate about helping others with the hopes of becoming a medical doctor. She succeeds and excels in both academics and athletics. With fitness being one of Emily’s top priorities, she stays in shape by playing on the school teams and going to the gym. She is musically talented as she plays piano and bass guitar. Outside of school, she spends her additional free time shopping, traveling and dining at new restaurants. Emily is a very dependent woman. She learned to do a lot on her own and started working when she was 14. Most importantly, Emily has very supportive, encouraging friends and family.