Taela F

AGE 19, HEIGHT 5"9', Hampton

Taela F, Ontario

Taela F's goals...

Taela's dream is to get her degree at McMaster University for Psychology and later work towards her master degree and eventually her PHD with the hopes to open her own clinic helping others. Taela is a supporter of charities that relate to the hard-of-hearing or deaf. Her brother is hard of hearing and these charities are very close to her heart.

Taela F's bio...

Taela graduated from high school as an Ontario Scholar. She is now going into her second year at McMaster University for Psychology. A big part of Taela's life has been dance. She has been a competitive dancer for over 15 years and has danced from 10-20 hours a week in all the dance disciplines.  She has won top 5 dancer in North America for Jazz and Tap and is also proud to be a certified Dance Teacher. When teaching dance she is happy to act as a positive role model for the younger students. Taela is not only a strong dancer but a singer as well. She has won many singing contests and has many songs on you-tube including some original songs.