Hailey M

AGE 17, HEIGHT 5"7', Sault Ste. Marie

Hailey M, Ontario

Hailey M's goals...

Hailey's goal is to bring positivity into everyones lives. She wants to help people who have issues or need someone to talk to. She loves caring for people in need!

Hailey M's bio...

Hailey considers herself to be a fun and caring individual. She dreams to study social work after high school and get her bachelors degree and then study to get her masters degree. She wants to change peoples lives for the better in any way she can. Hailey loves to express herself through art. On her own time, she paints and draws for fun but also takes art class every year in high school. Hailey not only loves art, but she loves music as well. She has been taking drumming lessons for eight years and plans on continuing. Hailey loves to make people laugh. She constantly is trying to find ways to bring positive energy into the room and always does