Riddhi D

AGE 17, HEIGHT 5"6', Scarborough

Riddhi D, Ontario

Riddhi D's goals...

Riddhi’s goal is to win beauty pageants to promote her platform and to make as many positive differences in her community. She also has the goal of becoming a forensic psychologist to help minimize risks.

Riddhi D's bio...

Riddhi is a very ambitious girl, who has many goals. She aims to reach all her goals before she is 30 .Riddhi's current goal is to win miss teenage Canada. She wants to grow up to become a model and a psychologist. Riddhi wants to help teens to boost up their self esteem and to motivate them to pursue their goals so she attends workshops to teach teens about confidence. Riddhi's personality is very friendly and outgoing so she has many friends. She will be beginning her psychology study at york university in September.