Karina Z

AGE 15, HEIGHT 5"1', Surrey

Karina  Z, British Columbia

Karina Z's goals...

Karina aspires to teach and build a school for children with limited education. She hopes that along the way she can inspire and motivate other young girls to step towards their own goals.

Karina Z's bio...

Other than tutoring kids in her hometown and overseas in Asia, Karina is a lover of art and photography. Karina displayed her photographs of Southern China to her community in order to share diversity in cultures. She has used her passions to design her own t-shirts, which raised money for schools in Nepal. In her free time, she likes to sing, dance, run, and play music on her piano or ukulele. Karina loves public speaking and intends to use her voice to inspire and unite the world as we work towards a brighter future.