Jamie Newberg

AGE 18, HEIGHT 5"6', Hyas

Jamie Newberg, Saskatchewan

Jamie Newberg's goals...

Jamie would like to help young women realize that they are beautiful they way the are.

Jamie Newberg's bio...

Jamie is a very motivated and determined young woman. She works especially hard when it comes to her education as she has completed her first year at the University of Regina in hopes to become a social worker. She grew up on a small grain and cattle farm and strongly believes that helped shape her into the hard-working individual she is today. Jamie isnt afraid to work hard even if it means getting her hands dirty and possibly breaking some nails! Also independant young woman, Jamie doesnt hesitate to take the initiative to do what she loves to do. Jamie loves the stage and wants nothing more than to become an actress. Jamie also loves being active, animals and working with children. Currently working as a swim instructor and lifeguard, Jamie often gets to work with children and loves to see the delight on their faces as the children learn something new. Jamie is outgoing, compassionate and always eager to try new things. She hopes to be a positive influence on young women and encourage them to follow their dreams just as she is doing.